Blick in einen hellen Wohnraum mit vielen Dachfenstern

Designo R6 / R8 Quadro

When perfect becomes even better

Check how we refined our best-selling products! Designo R6 / R8 Quadro roof windows are now available in three glazing variants, 8C, 9G and 9P. This is a premium solution designed to enhance the safety and energy efficiency of our products. As the health of our clients is close to our heart, we also focused on a low-emission product, which is harmless to health.

Even easier, faster and safer installation

Easy – fast – secure assembly

With Roto, you will save your time and money – the recipe for success is simple – novelty is offered already as standard, i.e. a standard belt will be installed in batch production to facilitate the transport of windows during assembly and to guarantee safety and reliability.

Protection in the event of the glass breaking

Your and your children’s safety

Laminated safety glass is a tempered glass technology that reduces the risk of breakage, and in the event of breakage, it behaves like a windshield protecting us against injury.


Outstanding Performance

Future energy efficiency

New Double Comfort (8C) glazing offers even higher thermal performance (U value), which is UW = 1.1 W m2/K and safeguards optimal temperature at your home.


Certified quality

Healthy building, healthy flat

Sentinel Haus certificate confirming the consistent premium quality and low-emission products, guaranteeing users environment-friendly goods, produced using materials that are completely harmless to health.