A healthy home with Roto

Sustainable development is nothing more than social responsibility. It is also about caring for our common future. For this reason, Roto always strikes the right balance between consumer needs and the environment when making business decisions.

How do we create a healthy and safe home?

Daylight as a health-promoting factor

Access to daylight has a significant effect on physical and mental health. It makes us sleep more effectively, have a better mood and healthier eyes. And since twice as much natural light penetrates through the roof window in the attic as it does through the façade window, it's worth considering Roto roof windows when designing your dream interior.

Effective air exchange

Roof windows are a key element of the ventilation system in the attic. The quality of inhaled air depends on its humidity and room temperature. Moist air, often saturated with harmful substances and odours, should be regularly exchanged for fresh air. Our electrically operated roof windows provide effective ventilation for a healthy indoor climate.

The sun, under control

Attic rooms are very charming and cosy. It is, nevertheless worth remembering that living comfort is, to a great extent, determined by climatic conditions. To avoid uncomfortable situations where high temperatures in the apartment become unbearable in the summer, it is worth installing practical window accessories that will help protect your attic against the blazing sun.

Sound insulation

Hearing is the only sense that is active round the clock – even when we sleep. Noise is a stress factor, causing irritation and concentration problems. Too much noise causes illness and significantly reduces the quality of life. For the sake of the inhabitants of big cities and towns who wish to live in energy-efficient homes, and comfortably, we offer windows with sound insulation that will guarantee you a peaceful and quiet resting environment.


The safety of your loved ones is of the utmost importance to us; therefore, our products recommended especially for children's rooms, are equipped with solutions that will guarantee you peace of mind. The securely glued glass pane is a tempered glass technology that makes the glass more break-resistant. In the event of breakage, it acts as a windscreen, thus minimising the risk of injury.

Roto closer to nature

Sentinel Haus Institut Certificate

Today, buildings are built with increasing air-tightness to save valuable and expensive heat energy. Harmful substances from building materials accumulate very quickly in the inhaled air. To ensure the safety of your family's life and health, we have carried out specialist tests on a selected group of products.

Measurements and analyses carried out by the Sentinel Haus Institut have demonstrated that the tested windows are low emission windows, and harmless to health. The window varnish meets the same requirements as the varnish used for toys.

FSC Certificate

In the case of wooden windows, Roto relies on FSC-certified timber from sustainable forest management. FSC is an international certification system for forest management which guarantees that the wood used in the production process comes from responsibly managed forests. The prerequisite for granting the certificate in compliance with both environmental and social standards.