Connection systems

Ensure a warm connection between the window and the roof

In order to provide even better wind-, hydro- and thermal insulation, Roto has developed a number of connection systems the primary task of which is to increase tightness at the most-critical points of the window-roof connection.

Further connection products

Designo and RotoQ

MDA connection system

Hydro-, wind- and thermal insulation

  • 4 thermal insulation profiles, 1 roll of sealing tape, 1 roll of adhesive tape and 8 fixing screws
  • Protection from moisture by using sealing tape
  • Additional wind protection thanks to adhesive tape
  • Improving window thermal insulation by 0.1W/m2K*
  • Prevents thermal bridging

* calculation factor

Designo and RotoQ

AAS connection system

Hydro- and wind insulation

  • Aluminium side profiles and waterproof adhesive tape
  • Effective protection against wind and rain
  • Saving time during installation thanks to aluminium side profiles
  • Reducing the risk of condensation forming on the frame
  • Suitable for all window sizes
Designo and RotoQ

ASA / MSA connection system

Hydro insulation

  • Vapor permeable flashing with adhesive tape 
  • Six sizes fitting for all window (when ordering please specify width; length is the same for all window sizes)
  • Rainproof connection
  • Installation under counter-battens gives additional wind proofing