Interior accessories

Decoration, darkening, the play of light and shadow.

The Roto interior accessories can be used throughout the entire living area – whether in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or children's room. Yet only the second purpose of the Roto interior accessories of the roof windows is decoration. It primarily serves as functional protection of your living and working rooms: as a shield to secure your privacy, as glare protection for undisturbed, concentrated work or even in the form of a blacking out product to enable restful sleep.

Interior accessories

The ideal solution when blacking out your room is the top priority

Blackout roller blinds

If you want your room to be pleasantly bright while being protected against prying eyes

Exclusiv roller blinds

Maximum flexibility: the degree of light and privacy protection is under your control

Venetian blinds

A particularly decorative accessory with additional privacy protection

Pleated blinds

Insect protection while fresh air comes through the open window into the room

Insect protection blinds

Useful information

Quick and reliable identification of your product


The nameplate allows for the identification of the purchased roof window model. The data contained therein is necessary for complaints or technical inquiries. Thanks to it, we can help you choose additional accessories much faster or provide technical advice regarding the selected product.

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