Designo R5 Rauch- und Wärmeabzugsanlage

Better evacuation of heat and smoke during a fire

Smoke extraction roof window

Designo R5

Certified in accordance with the EN 12101-2 European standard, the Designo R5 smoke extraction window is a technical innovation in safety. With an electronic opening only using a chain motor in the top part, the window opens automatically in the event of a fire to allow a better evacuation of heat and smoke. The window is equipped with a WD thermal insulation block which measurably increases the insulation parameters of the entire component as well as allows to save on heating costs.

Benefits in a nutshell


Energy efficiency

The pre-installed thermal insulation WD block as standard means 0% condensation, 100% tightness and excellent microclimate at your place.


Additional protection

Laminated safety glass inside minimises the risk of cuts when the window is shattered.



A roof window with an automatic smoke extraction function in case of a fire.*



The system was tested in accordance with the DIN EN 12101-2 standard.


Effecive ventilation

Better home air quality – automatic ventilation at the push of a button.*


Accessories in use

Interior roller blinds can be used.