Reliable protection from heat, cold and burglary

Exterior accessories

The best and most reliable protection against heat in summer – or against cold in winter – already acts from the outside on the pane. For this, you have the choice between three sophisticated Roto systems. External roller shutter, external awning or ‘Screen’ exterior blind – take a moment to learn more about them.

Exterior accessories

It keeps light, heat and cold outside

External roller shutter

It keeps the heat out and lets glare-free light in

External awning

It stops heat and lets in lots of glare-free light

‘Screen’ exterior blind

Useful information

Quick and reliable identification of your product


The nameplate allows for the identification of the purchased roof window model. The data contained therein is necessary for complaints or technical inquiries. Thanks to it, we can help you choose additional accessories much faster or provide technical advice regarding the selected product.

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