Kurt and Karl join their forces

Roof specialists care about safety

Designo R6 / R8 Quadro are premium class windows that are convincing thanks to greater security and ease of installation. The solutions we have developed facilitate transport of windows at the construction site, relieve the spine and speed up roofing works. At the same time, they allow you to protect the windows from damage.

Roto Kurt – transportation belt integrated with the window

Window transportation belts – Roto Kurt – are fitted as standard on both sides of the window frame. Just grab the straps and transport the Designo R6 / R8 Quadro window to the roof. After use, cut them off with an upholstery knife.

Advantage: One hand remains free and the roof window is under control and is protected against fall. Everything works even smoother thanks to Roto Kurt transportation belts.

Roto Karl – transportation belt for large windows

Transporting large roof windows is a real challenge at any construction site. These works can strain the roofer’s spine. The Roto Karl belt allows you to transfer the weight of the Designo R6 / R8 Quadro window to your arms and legs, i.e. to those parts of the body where the muscles are strongest.

Advantage: The back is not strained, both hands remain free so that during transport the roofer can protect the window against tilting or chipping.

Watch the video and get to know Kurt and Karl belts

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