Designo / RotoQ insect protection blind

Perfect protection against uninvited guests.

Do you love it in summer when a fresh breeze wafts through the open window into the room – but do not want bothersome insects flying in? Protect your home against uninvited guests. We recommend the Roto insect protection blind. What is special about it is that it works both as an individual solution and in combination with all other Roto interior accessories.


Our Designo / RotoQ insect protection blind offers exactly what you need. At a glance.

[1] Protection against insects when the window is open
through close-mesh, stable fabric

Combination option – can be installed as an individual solution or in combination with other fittings

Quick and consumer-friendly installation
and can be easily retrofitted for any installation situation

[2] Safe operation with locking option

Optionally with Transpatec® fabric
Brilliant transparency thanks to thin yarn and optimised mesh width.
Higher air permeability of approx. 140%