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Pivot roof window

Designo R4

It is a perfect complement to Designo R7 roof windows in multiple connections. Designo R4 will perform well as a window fulfilling the basic functions and offering the most popular way of opening in the middle of the rotational axis. It is operated by means of a handle located at the bottom of the window. The window can be equipped with a WD thermal insulation block, which will provide you with protection against the loss of valuable heat in the winter.

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Benefits in a nutshell



The rotational axis being positioned in the half of the window allows optimal airing and lighting of the attic.


Comfortable use

Easy operation of all window functions with one lower handle.


Energy efficiency

Possible to choose a window version equipped with a WD thermal insulation block and a vapour barrier film.


Easy controlling

The R4 roof window is also available in an electrical version, recommended for hard-to-reach areas.

Product Card Designo R4 with WD block
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Product Card Designo R4 non WD block
pdf, 204 KB
Product Card Designo R4 RotoTronic
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Manual WDF R4
pdf, 3 MB
Manual WDT R4
pdf, 3 MB

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Designo R4 pivot roof window – window functions