Individual opening types

Tailored to your needs

The opening method of roof windows is one of the most important factors that determine their comfort and functionality. There are several ways of opening windows – it is worth learning about them so you can choose the most optimal solution for you.

Choose the best solution for you

The rotational axis positioned in the middle of the window

Pivot roof window

  • Optimal airing and lighting of the attic
  • Comfortable operation thanks to one handle being positioned at the top or bottom of the sash
  • A cleaning position bolting the roof window sash for comfortable and safe cleaning
  • The window can be equipped with an electrical drive for hard-to-reach areas
  • The standard solution for every budget
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The rotational axis positioned at the three-quarters of the window

Top-third pivot roof window

  • Improved functionality thanks to a larger opening angle than with the pivot roof window
  • The window can be opened in an upright position regardless of the user’s height
  • Great freedom of movement when the window is open
  • Narrow frame profiles allow for the perfect lighting of the attic
  • A comfortable cleaning position bolting the sash at an angle of 120°
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Double opening system: tilt and top-hung function

Top-hung roof window

  • The highest functionality due to one multifunctional lower handle
  • An unlimited panoramic view thanks to an opening angle of 45°
  • More flexibility of design as the window sash ''does not enter the room''
  • A locking system automatically bolting the sash in the cleaning position
  • 4 locking points of the window ensure security and protection from burglary
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