Click installation

Everything speaks for RotoQ

RotoQ is an innovative pivot window refined absolutely through and through. It has been fully adapted to the roofer’s needs, as it significantly simplifies and speeds up roofing works. It provides quick, efficient, intuitive and safe installation, which does not require changing your old habits.

For safe installation

Roto installation aid

The Roto installation aid has already been filed at the patent office. They have been designed in order ensure safe and simple installation of the window sash without risk of scratching or damage.

For quick installation

Window fully ready-to-install

The RotoQ window is largely pre-assembled*, so installation is quick, easy and safe. The vapour barrier film, installation bracket as well as thermal insulation WD block? All pre-fitted. Out of the box and into the roof – just like that.

* Concerns Q-4 windows in version P5


To readjust the sash

Only with Roto – adjustable pivot bearing

An adjustable pivot bearing, allowing a roofer the flexibility to adjust to any installation situation and fine-tune the roof window later – so that it is perfectly installed and always appropriately set.

For intuitive installation

Click installation with feedback

The clever push-fit system, which has no external screws, confirms each important step of the installation process with audible feedback when carried out correctly.